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Corporate events are common today. Most corporate companies have their annual functions grand. They also have a number of reasons to party out in a year. Apart from Christmas and New year, they also have many regional and local seasons celebrated with a party. These parties are aimed at taking off the monotony of work and introducing a spirited employee or client for their workspace. Most people give their best performance when it is time to have some fun. After all, all work and no play makes anyone a dull person!


5 boring photo booth themes that are very common

Although the corporate companies have a lot of parties to make it interesting for employees, they tend to use the same photobooth. When the booth is new, it is a fresh idea. It makes everyone feel happy to use the photo booth. If there is the same photo booth that is used in every party, it gets really boring to even see them. In that case, no one will even want to use the photo booth to pose for a photograph. Some of the common and boring photo booths are:

  1. Balloons as the theme – This is one of the most common themes in a corporate party. Balloons adorn the photo booth and usually an arch of balloons is built in the favoured colours and built in a corner for the photo booth. This is the most boring photo booth theme possible
  2. The Logo – Usually in corporate parties, the logo is set as a backdrop for photo booths. This is such a boring idea for anyone. It would be the same logo whatsoever. If it was the next year, it would be the same logo and this would continue to be. It would be a really boring idea to set up the photo booth on the company’s or even the client’s logo.
  3. The Flag theme – Most corporate companies are really lazy to invest time in the photo booth concept and end up using their company’s flag or their country’s flag as the base of their photo booth. It would be a boring addition to the party. People might lose out their interest in the party itself.
  4. Go Red or Just Black – Most corporate events have a photo booth based on just one colour, it would be common to have either black or red. These make the backdrop and the only place dedicated as a photo booth. It would eventually get boring if the same theme is used over and over again.
  5. Just the backdrop – Most of the times, there is only the backdrop. It might be decorative, but the element of the photo booth fun is amiss without good props and a good photo border. It would look dull and not like a fun filled photo booth. If the backdrop is there, try getting props related to the backdrop to make it a photo booth set. It would take off the boredom and encourage your employees and clients to use the photo booth with more elevated fun ideas.


November 26th, 2016

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Corporate gifts are an extension of your brand image. Building a brand is all about marketing. Its works two ways – it acts as an incentive to promote the brand and helps to build an image about the brand.
When you gift your clients, it’s not only a gift but also an acknowledgement of your successful working relationship with them. Corporate gifting says a lot about how much you know your clients. Though corporate gifts depend on how much you value your relationship with the client, it’s a big investment for the company.
Here are some pointers which one should keep in mind before gifting:

• Eco friendly: Though it’s not possible to provide an eco-friendly gift every time, eco-friendly gifts are indicators that you value the environment as well. For example, you give a gift basket, which is hand-woven or a personal organizer with handmade pages.
• Personal touch: Any gift which has a personal touch always adds value. Whether you personally selected the gift or you personally like the product, shows that you took personal interest in selecting the gift.
• Useful: As a company, you would always want your gift to be useful and not something which the client would throw away. After all you have invested in buying the gift. Always research before you gift an expensive item, as you wouldn’t want to make a client unhappy.
• Economical: Showering lavish gifts like luxury watches or expensive perfumes may look good for the brand, but remember that you may not be able to afford these gifts for everyone.

Let us look at some of the corporate gifts ideas (though there are many) which will help you build your brand:
Solar USB Charger: This is a very useful gift, especially since everyone has a smart phone these days and when the battery drains out in the middle of an important phone or meeting, this Solar USB Charger is a golden boon.
Spa Gift set: A perfect gift for a business woman. Every woman likes a spa beauty treatment. For that matter, so do the men.
Holiday resort: An all-inclusive trip to an exotic resort or fun getaway is also a popular gift idea. You are providing a family some quality together time.
Wine/ coffee hamper: An expensive collection of wine for wine lovers or the world’s best coffee all bundled up in a hamper is the perfect gift for coffee lovers.
Gold or silver coins: This gift acts is an investment and you can also imprint your company name or logo on the coin.
Gourmet gift: A box filled with assorted cookies or a dry fruit box can make a perfect gift for a foodie lover.
While proper gifting can take your brand a few notches up, it’s also important to maintain proper etiquettes while gifting. A gift is not determined by how big or small it is, but how unique it is, it shows how much you value the relationship with your client. After all, building your brand and valuing your relationship with the client go hand in hand.

November 25th, 2016

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